Chemical Guys AIR_215_16 - MangoCello Premium Air Freshener
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How it Works

Natural enzymatic air fresheners work by eliminating odors and reducing new odors. This is a powered new revolutionary formulation that works enzymatically.

What Does it Smell Like?

Limon-Tello (Limoncello as it is pronounced in Italy) is a liqueur produced in Southern Italy. Though there is debate about the exact origin of the drink, it is at least 100 years old. Anyone who has ever tasted it will tell you it is amazing, and opening a bottle unleashes the incredible fragrance of fresh ripe lemons...a scent one would never forget. We wanted to make a similar fragrance, but better, so we infused it with the fresh sweet smell of mango to produce MangoCello. Fragranced with the smell of ripe St. Teresa lemon combined with the refreshing smell of mangoes we were able to produce a scent like no other. MangoCello Scent is formulated with unique water-based fragrances that combine is refreshing scents of mango and lemon. The MangoCello Scent Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator is a concentrated long lasting premium air freshener with natural enzymatic odor elimination properties to eliminate odor and reduce recurring odor. This means you're not masking odors but killing them at their source. Use sparingly or dilute accordingly for superior air scents, and long lasting deodorizing ability.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Water-based fragrances won't stain fabrics, carpets or upholstery
  • Eliminates odors and reduces new odors over time
  • Ready to use but can be diluted if desired
  • MangoCello scent
  • Item #: AIR_215_16

Chemical Guys AIR_215_16 - MangoCello Premium Air Freshener

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