M-Seal 16oz
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Why Buy This Product?

  • Long lasting paint protection sealant
  • Creates a virtually-impenetrable surface shield against radiant heat, UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents, and environmental contaminants
  • Cross-linking acrylic formulation
  • Speed sealant: wipe on/wipe off
  • Bonds instantly to the surface
  • Extremely durable: over 6 months of protection against the elements
  • Enhances a glossy and lustrous wet shine
  • Super-slick zero-stick finish

How It Works

Chemical Guys M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant combines the best of both worlds: durable full-synthetic paint protection with a natural glowing high-gloss shine. Detailers wax cars to protect them against the elements, not to make them shiny. For years, professionals and enthusiasts had a choice between natural carnauba waxes and full-synthetic paint protection sealants. While natural carnauba finishes with a signature warm and wet glow, synthetic sealants look cooler and brighter. Chemical Guys reformulated M-Seal with optical-select gloss enhancers to add a high-gloss and deep-wet lustrous shine to any finish. Now car owners and detailers can have everything they ever wanted in one easy-to-use product. The full-synthetic cross-linking acrylic formula bonds instantly to paintwork, creating a strong chain of protection without any curing time. Simply spread a thin coat of M-Seal over any exterior paint, polished metals, glass, and clear plastic, then buff it off immediately. The speed sealant wipe on/wipe off formula finishes super-slick with zero stick. No need to top M-Seal with any extra coats of wax for a smooth-as-glass finish: the highly-refined formula bonds perfectly and finishes so smooth that pollution, contamination, and water has nothing to stick to. Vehicles coated with M-Seal stay cleaner for longer because nothing can stick to the slick coating. Protect and shine any vehicle for over 6 months with just one coating of M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant.


How To Use:
By Hand

  • Squeeze 1 - 3 lines of M-Seal onto a premium foam or microfiber applicator pad and spread over painted panels in a thin, even coat.
  • Buff off residue with a premium soft microfiber towel.
  • Once removed, apply a second layer to ensure 100% even coverage.

By Machine

  • Only spread glaze, wax, and sealants like M-Seal with a dual action polisher and soft foam finishing pad.
  • Place 5 - 7 dots of M-Seal over foam pad, then spread evenly over paintwork between speed settings 1 and 3.
  • Buff clean with a premium microfiber towel


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M-Seal 16oz

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